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When searching for “optometry near me” in Alameda St, Los Angeles, trust Faro Optometry to provide exceptional eye care services. We are conveniently located and committed to meeting all your vision needs.

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Comprehensive Eye Care Services

At Faro Optometry, we offer a wide range of eye care services to ensure the health and clarity of your vision. Our services include:

  • Comprehensive eye exams
  • Emergency Eye Care
  • Contact lens exam and fittings
  • Pediatric Eye Exam
  • Treatment for eye diseases and conditions
  • Vision correction options, including prescription glasses and contact lenses
  • Laser eye surgery

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Expert Optometrists and Ophthalmologists

Our experienced team of optometrists and ophthalmologists is dedicated to providing personalized and top-quality care. Top-notch eye care services can only be provided by an eye doctor who stays current with all the medical technology and treatment trends. You’ll benefit from our entire staff’s dedication to providing the most advanced optometric care at Faro Optometry. We aim to make your experience as efficient and pleasant as possible. Our modern office is equipped with progressive equipment and the latest diagnostic tools, which our eye doctor uses skillfully to examine your eyes.

Your healthy eyes and clear vision matter most to Dr. Michael Tay, our friendly and highly qualified ophthalmologist. The list of professional and total eye care services that we offer is long – whether you need routine vision testing, new eyeglasses, a comprehensive eye exam, treatment for an eye emergency or infection, management for eye disease, or a contact lens fitting (and more!), you will be welcomed warmly and treated expertly in our office.


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