Faro Optometry understands that a proper contact lens fitting is crucial for achieving optimal vision correction and comfort. Our team of expert optometrists is dedicated to providing personalized contact lens fittings that address your specific requirements. Whether you’re a first-time wearer or seeking an upgrade, we are committed to finding the perfect contact lenses.

Expert Guidance and Education

At Faro Optometry, we believe in educating and guiding our patients. During contact lens fitting, our optometrists will provide comprehensive education on lens insertion, removal, cleaning, and maintenance. We ensure you have the necessary skills and information to care for your lenses properly and enjoy a seamless contact lens-wearing experience.

Wide Selection of Contact Lens Options

We offer various contact lens options to meet diverse visual needs and preferences. Whether you require daily disposables, extended-wear lenses, toric lenses for astigmatism, multifocal lenses, or specialty lenses, we have the solution for you. Our optometrists will guide you in choosing the type, brand, and material best suits your lifestyle and visual requirements.


A contact lens fitting is a specialized procedure performed by an eye care professional to determine the most suitable contact lenses for your eyes. It involves assessing your eye health, measuring the shape and size of your eyes, and selecting contact lenses that provide optimal fit, comfort, and vision correction.

To make sure your contact lenses fit your eyes correctly, you must have a contact lens fitting. Improperly fitted contact lenses can be uncomfortable and interfere with vision, potentially resulting in visual difficulties.

If your contact lenses feel uncomfortable or cause irritation, it is important to remove them immediately and consult your eye care professional. Discomfort or irritation can indicate an ill-fitting lens, an underlying eye condition, or improper lens care.

No, wearing the same contact lens brand and prescription is not advisable without regular check-ups. Your eyes and vision can change over time, and maintaining the health and safety of your eyes requires periodic evaluations.