At Faro Optometry, we understand the importance of your child’s vision health. Our comprehensive pediatric eye exam services are designed to assess and monitor your child’s visual development, ensuring their vision is optimal, and their eyes are healthy. With a team of experienced and compassionate optometrists, we provide a child-friendly environment that puts your little one at ease during the examination process.

Our pediatric eye exam services are designed to prioritize your child’s visual well-being. With our skilled professionals and child-friendly approach, we make the examination process comfortable and engaging. 

Early Detection and Treatment for Lifelong Visual Wellness

Detecting vision problems early is crucial for successful treatment and optimal visual development. Our pediatric eye exams can identify potential issues before they manifest as noticeable symptoms, enabling timely intervention and effective management. We provide personalized recommendations, including eyeglasses, contact lenses, vision therapy, or referrals to specialists, as needed, to ensure your child’s visual wellness.

Vision Assessments Tailored to Your Child

Our comprehensive pediatric eye exams encompass a range of assessments to evaluate your child’s visual health. These include visual acuity testing, where we measure their ability to see letters and objects clearly, as well as binocular vision assessments to detect any eye misalignment or coordination issues. Additionally, we conduct thorough evaluations of eye health to identify conditions such as refractive errors, lazy eye (amblyopia), or strabismus (crossed eyes).


A pediatric eye exam is a specialized examination performed on children to assess their visual health and detect potential eye problems or vision issues. It involves a series of tests and assessments tailored to the unique needs of children, considering their age, development, and ability to communicate.

A pediatric eye exam is essential for identifying potential vision problems in children, including refractive errors, amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus (crossed eyes), and other ocular conditions. Early detection and treatment of any vision problems can significantly improve your child’s visual outcomes and overall quality of life. By scheduling regular pediatric eye exams at Faro Optometry, you are giving your child the best chance for healthy vision.

Our optometrists are skilled in conducting thorough and gentle eye exams for children of all ages. We use child-friendly techniques and specialized equipment to assess your child’s visual acuity, eye coordination, and eye health. During the exam, we may perform various tests, such as visual acuity tests, retinoscopy, binocular vision assessment, and eye alignment evaluations. These tests help us identify any vision issues or abnormalities that may require further attention or treatment.

During a pediatric eye exam, eye care professionals can identify vision problems contributing to learning difficulties, such as refractive errors, amblyopia, or eye teaming problems. Addressing these visual issues may improve a child’s overall learning capabilities and performance in school.