We offer a wide selection of prescription glasses at Faro Optometry to suit every style and vision need. Our collection includes:

Single Vision Lenses

Single-vision lenses have the same prescription power throughout the entire lens. They correct a single vision problem, such as nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), or astigmatism.

Single-vision lenses are commonly prescribed for people with one consistent vision correction need, whether for distance or near vision. For example, if you need glasses only for reading or driving, you typically get single-vision lenses with the appropriate prescription.


Progressive Lenses (also known as No-Line Bifocals)

Progressive lenses are a more advanced alternative to bifocals. They provide a seamless progression of prescription powers from the top of the lens (for distance) to the bottom (for near) without a visible line. This creates a natural transition between different focal points.

Unlike bifocals, progressive lenses allow for intermediate vision correction as well. This means you can see clearly at various distances, such as when using a computer or reading a restaurant menu, without needing multiple lines on the lens.

Progressive lenses are commonly prescribed for individuals with presbyopia or those needing vision correction for multiple distances without the aesthetic concern of a visible line on the lens.

Our HD progressive lenses incorporate cutting-edge lens manufacturing technology to provide high-definition clarity at all distances. These lenses offer members unparalleled customization, ensuring sharper vision in various conditions. Additionally, all our lenses come with an anti-reflective treatment that enhances scratch resistance and overall quality, giving each lens an attractive appearance.

  • cutting-edge manufacturing technology delivering high-definition vision at any distance
  • coming with an anti-reflective treatment
  • custom-made to match your prescription and preferences
  • providing a larger reading area with minimal distortion compared to standard lenses
  • prioritizing both quality and affordability

Bifocal Lenses

Are you looking for a solution to correct near and far vision without needing multiple glasses? Our monovision lenses may be the perfect fit for you. With monovision lenses, you can enjoy the convenience of improved visual acuity at various distances, making activities such as reading, driving, and using digital devices more comfortable and hassle-free.

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Bifocal lenses are designed to address two different vision needs in one pair of glasses. They contain two distinct areas with different prescriptions.

The upper portion of bifocal lenses is usually set for distance vision correction. In contrast, the lower portion (a smaller segment) is set for near vision, typically for reading or close-up tasks. The transition between these two segments is often a visible line across the lens.

Bifocals are commonly prescribed for individuals who require both distance and near vision correction, such as those with presbyopia, which typically occurs with age and affects near vision.